Monday, August 16, 2010

Arsenal: Season Kick-Off

Yesterday was Arsenal's first game of the season. And what a first game it was going up against Liverpool at Anfield. As with every Arsenal vs Liverpool games, I watched it with Fitri (the Liverfool) at Hakim, Shah Alam.

The seats were sold out at Hakim, and we managed to get quite good seats.

Over to the game. The score was 1-1, which to my opinion was a fair result after seeing both teams having equal chances, although Arsenal had most of the possession. First goal came from Ngog, which was quite fuuny because everyone at Hakim was condemning him and calling him "Ngok!".

But, in the dying minutes of the game, the new breed, Chamakh bravely came diving in for a header which, although hit the post, came bouncing back on Pepe Reina (Liverpool's keeper) and went into the net.

I went ecstatic! Had to order teh o ais to cool down my throat after that incident.

So all in all, although it was a good game, I don't see much difference in the new Arsenal team. I still think they play the same way as last season, which although I think is the most entertaining football to watch, I also think it is still not enough to win silverwares.

But, oh well, its still too early to think that!

So, I'm still hoping for the best for Arsenal. Always a Gooner :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

21 Years Old

My birthday is on 2nd July. Which therefore means that this post is actually a bit off by 3 days because I didn't have time and limited Internet connectivity.

But, enough of that, back to the point.

I am 21 years old this year. People say that 21 is the number signifying maturity, announcing officially that one has become an adult, pushing over the 'remaja' status.

People say that this is the age whereby one can start to vote for elections and such, and can thus help 'make a difference' for the betterment of the nation. I am still in doubt of this though.

People also say that 21 is the age whereby one can legally enter into a club without having their arses kicked out by club bouncers. Although, this hasn't stopped underages from barging into said clubs. 

Yes, 21 is much referred to as the 'coming-of-age' point. And you know what? This time, I'm not going to be witty or debate'ish because I actually agree with what people say. 

What I'm trying to say is, I do feel mature. And even though people might not see it because of my some what childish and 'poyo' nature, I've come a far way from being a spoilt brat, to a 'boleh lah' adult. Heck, I'm washing my own under garments for crying out loud :p

So yeah, 'remaja' was sweet, but the time has come for me to grow up.

Happy Birthday to me. I'm 21 years old :)


The birthday date :)

I love my sweet sweet sayang so awesomely much! Wanna know why? Hal ini kerana she managed to make my birthday, literally the best birthday of my 21 years of life!

And to relive that memorable day, let there be photos! :)


@ The Curve before heading to my birthday dinner

@Haven, Bukit Ampang. Picking out our meals. Chicken for her, lamb for me :)

My Birthday cake made of cupcakes! :)

Haha, yes, that IS what it looks like :p

The birthday present, a very cool Sony in-car stereo! Woohoo! :p

The people that matter :)

and the individual, that matters most. Love you :)

All in all, that night was one of my best nights spent with my Sayang.

You are my forever :)


P/S: Thank you to all my friends and family who cared to wish me Happy Birthday. All of you are in my 'Loved ones" list :)

*Chalow :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Holidays End In Such Prompt Manner

The days past so quickly. I can't believe it's been almost 2 months already. 

I mean, I literally feel that it was only a few days ago I pen my last semester 2 exam paper. I literally feel that it was only yesterday that I board the plane to mark the start of my visit to Japan.

Now, all that past in a flash! Even quicker perhaps!

Tomorrow, I'll be boarding the plane again, but the other way around! What was from 'a semester full of assignment' heading towards 'a relaxing retreat' is now the other way around!

I am dreading the thought of going back to school! I wanna stay at home and do nothing all day! :'(


But, I guess not all is dreadful.

The better side of things is that I get to eat at McD's which I have to refrain from enjoying due to no logo halals here. I get to hang out with friends doing shisha's, futsals and left 4 dead's.

And, the most of what I am looking forward to is that I get to see my beloved girlfriend who I crave for all the while I am in Japan :)

la petite amie ;)

So yeah, holidays are what people look forward to in efforts to get away from their hectic routines. But, I guess nothing in life is so laid back. You get your fair share of rest and relaxation, then you get back to your daily mundane routine.

If life was too sweet, you'd get kencing manis!

So 3rd semester, put your socks on! :D

P/S: I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to my beloved family for their heart-warming welcome and hospitality during my visit of them. I love you all and will miss you :)

Family portrait at Universal Studio Japan 

*Chalow :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Tomorrow, the 25th of June, marks the day our relationship skips past the 5 year mark.

Wow, 5 years. Although to many, this figure means nothing, but it means a whole lot to me. 

For me, it's a mixture of how long and how fast the time pasts.

For me, it seemed like it was only a few time back when I was shy-shy cat'ly eating our first meal together at Alamanda, determined and concentrating not to make a mistake on a simple task of finishing my meal.

On the other hand, I also feel like we have begun to know each other deeply and detailed. All from our attitudes to our pet peeves. 

Yes, it has been a wonderful 5 years indeed. We have endured so mush haven't we? From our dramas and heartbreaks, to the sparky dates and getaways. 

5 years to me as i see it, means a whole lot. But, it also means nothing as compared to what I see for us in the future.

Happy Anniversary sayang.

I love you then, now and always :)

P/S: Can't wait to get back to Malaysia for our anniversary date :)

*Chalow :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Prayers Heard

After much hours (days even!) of clicking the 'refresh' button, butt-aching horrors, frustrating errors and the likes, the UiTM student portal has finally allowed me to check on my semester 2 results!

And Alhamdulillah, syukur kepada Yang Illahi, after much awaited and hopes, I got included into this semester's Dean's List after failing to make the cut last semester.

For that, I'm am endlessly thankful :)

Thankful to Allah S.W.T for his kurniaan. Thankful to my lecturers for their knowledge and wisdoms. And last but not literally not least, thanks to all my friends who helped me in every way in efforts for me to realise this achievement.

I love you guys!

Syukur once again :)

P/S: Sorry for the drama guys, I just feel so passionate ;')

*Chalow :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Movie Day: Prince Of Persia

Today, after performing solat Jumaat at a Turkish masjid in the area of Yoyougi, my brothers and I decided to watch a movie. Btw, my brothers' summer vacation started today.

Since I had woken up early today (Yes, this is considered early. I usually wake up at the wee bit end of zuhur), Fazli (youngest) urged us to go watch a movie that we've been speaking about going, but were too lazy to move our arses. I guess it's kinda like a 'now or never' thing, literally.

So off we go, right after sembahyang jumaat. My father drove us there of course.

Where is "there" exactly?

Well, although Faizal (middle) said that the cinema hall at Shibuya wasn't the best since the sits were lined up almost perfectly horizontal, it was the nearest. So, yeah, we watched at Shibuya.

Before I move further on, lemme comment on the cinema here in Japan:

  1. The price for a ticket is 1000yen which translates to approximately rm35. This is considered cheap considering the income these Japs get, but for us? Yerkhhhh..
  2. The cinema people treat us like VIP's here. E.g: Escorting us from entrance up until we reach the cinema hall.
  3. The popcorn sucked. Only got salted popcorn, no choice of butter, caramel or such.
  4. Since we came here on a working day, there were very few people. But, the funny thing is, amongst those few people, were workers on their break and literally bought these movie tickets just so they can sleep in the cinema! Haha, stinkin' funny and wealthy Japs!
  5. Finally, at the end of the movie, they won't let us out until the end of the movie credits! Haha, talk about boring and "I wanna pee lar syiot!". :p

Haha, well, back to the main point.

We chose to see Prince Of Persia.

I actually read the review beforehand. The ratings for this movie showed 'mediocre'.

My first thought before seeing the movie was, "Why did they have to pick Jake Gyllenhaal to be the prince?". I mean, I personally think he wasn't hero material and I predicted that he'd probably crack some kind of sarcastic and mundane jokes throughout the movie.

This wouldn't be to my liking because I wanted the movie to be a serious one with macho'ish heroics and such. I mean, this was one of my favorite games back when i was still playing the PS2 console and Star Trek had already disappointed me with the lack of these criterion. 

Was my prediction right though?

No, it wasnt!

Jake Gyllenhaal was awesome in this movie!

There wasn't any stupid gitty jokes or such, he was actually cool! He actually lacks the ability to crack jokes which is great! And he isn't overweight with scripts that contributes to the 'serious and macho' criteria I wanted!

Bottom line: He actually made it into my list of fav actors! :)

Haha, so what, gave this movie a 6.9/10.

Hmm, I could almost agree, but with my came-to-realise-fav-actor, Jake Gyllenhaal, starring this one, I'd give it a decent 7.3/10.

Plus, because Tamina (Gemma Arterton) is super effin' hotz, I'd give it 7.5! :D

Hey, at least now it's in the 7 and above region ain't it? :)

Hehe, imagine what I'd give if Christian Bale starred this one :)


*Chalow :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Holland for World Cup Champions!

Today is the start of the big event the whole world has been anticipating for!


The first kick off will be a match between hosts South Africa againt Mexico (I'm sure most of you have already known) 11pm M'sia time.

Do hope South Africa wins. :)

But, heck, push that aside!

Aku penyokong ORANJE HOLLAND!! :)

So obviously, I'll be hyping about Holland's first group match against Denmark, which is on Monday, 7.30pm (M'sia time).


And here is the player, my all-time favorite  player actually, that I am dying to see play at the World Cup. He's the main reason I support Holland, and plays for my favorite football club, Arsenal. 

A striker of top notch, I predict he'd make a big impact in this year's tournament. :)

So, my last words are, ORANJE HOLLAND ALL THE WAY! :)

*Chalow :)

Of friends Through The Days

Today, after a few wall posts and comments from my friends on Facebook, I've come to realize that I have got a handful group of friends, good ones, that I've befriend throughout my days. 

And I am very grateful of that! :)

I've always considered myself a neutral, meaning I befriend almost everybody tanpa memilih puak atau be a loyalist in only a single gang. I'd like to get along with everybody and be someone who people get along with and like. I guess that can be considered as one of my goals in life.

Be the person that everyone likes.

Huhu, but sadly of late, I don't feel that I have real close friends anymore since enrolling in UiTM. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying people here are jerks or such. All my friends here are very kind and polite, so don't worry, I'm not blacklisting you guys or whatever :)

But, ntah, I dunno. Of late, I miss my friends from the past. Like today, after a view chats with my friends from matriculation, I suddenly got this nostalgic feeling and miss them awfully. 

Farah Adeelia said, "aku pon tgk kau cam tak gilaa cam dulu. cam biase je kt uitm tu. tak happening cam dulu".

What she said is absolutely true. I don't feel the semangat here in UiTM. I don't feel like hanging and being gila-gila.

Bottom line; I don't really feel happy here as I was in matriculation or at school.

With that being said, I'd like to clarify again that I have no intention to blame or condemn my new friends here in UiTM. It's not that you guys haven't been awesome to me, but ntah, I don't feel it.

I remember when I got accepted into matric and nowhere else, I was devastated. I begged and plead my parents not to enroll me into matric and I've been counting the days until I can finally get into a university. 

Sadly, university isn't what I hoped it'd be like. Thus, the enthusiasm stopped there and then.

I guess now I can relate to my father's words. He always said that the university life wasn't fun for him. Instead, it was the school and form 6 days that sweetened his life. 

I've also asked some of my friends' opinions on this, but they don't relate to me, having said that they are having the time of their lives in university.

Well, I guess everyone's got their own thoughts and wants.

Speaking about 'time of our lives', I fear that my time of my life is behind me. But, nahhh, I shouldn't be so dramatic. InsyaAllah, I still have many years to come to have the time of my life.

So c'mon mate! Lighten up! If the good days won't come to me, then it's up to me to create 'em! :)

Nonetheless, I present you with the geng's of my days :)


Classmates of UiTM, Bachelor of International Business '12 :)

The so-called Cullens back in the matric days :)

The gila-gila's of budak blok C1 aras 2 wing B :)

The gang from SMK Putrajaya 2. The "Selekeh Tapi Smarts" :)

And of course, I am obligated to include my sayang also. Now, the sunny side of the whole "I'm not having fun at Uni" thing is, that I get to spend more time with my gf.

Thus, converting her from one of my best friends into my BESTEST friend. :)

Meatballs at IKEA :)

Now to get back to clicking 'refresh' in the UiTM student portal so that I can finally check my semester 2 exam's result. Wish me luck, I'll need it ;)

*Chalow :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

To Start Things Off

Well, this is my first post.

Nothing much in mind to write about really. Actually, I have been wanting to start a blog (actually, I did wrote a blog back when I was in sekolah menengah), but everytime I ALMOST start it, I become lazy and prefer slouching on the couch watching TV. My girlfriend also nagged and suruh me blog, but the couch was just too tempting.  I've even created an account here on Blogspot which I've forgotten it's password and such.

So what gave me the motivation to start it now?

            Well, for one thing, my ass sudah menjadi besaq sitting on the couch all day. Next is that I'm super bored here in Japan (currently visiting my family here). Playing the PS3 and constently watching Youtube doesn't seem to lift the boreness anymore. 

            Plus, there is one more factor that really ticked me to blog. My gf gave me these almost complete first season of The Vampire's Diaries on the day before I went to Japan for the holidays. The objective was for me to watch it during my time here. But I've stayed here for 3 weeks plus, and hari ni lar baru nk mula tengok (hehe :p). 

            So, 1st episode; decent in an interesting manner. But what I don't get is why my gf or Lydia or whoever, thinks the vampire baddy (ape ntah nama die) is so hot? Frankly, he looks kinda old and wrinkle'ish to me. I'd pick Chace Crawford over him in a snap really.

Well, yada yada, back to the point.

While watching The Vampire Diaries, the hero said,

"If I don't write it down, I'd forget it. Memories are too important"

...which got me to realize that memories ARE IMPORTANT. Sooner or later, people will start to forget all the good and meaningful memories of their previous days. So, what's the best thing to do to remember these memories? Well, of course, you'd record them in a diary, but some people are just too lazy.

Well guys, laziness will cost ya'! Memories are just too valuable to lose!

Therefore, since technologies are kind to us, we should all, at least, blog them if we're too lazy to pen down our days in a diary. After all, we are readily in front of the computer aren't we? (Probably facebook'ing or twittering, etc)

            So ok guys, all I’m saying is, it's a good thing to blog about memorable events that we’ve experienced because you never know when someday, you feel like re-living the good ol’ days. Blogs can act as substitute diaries for the lazies. 

Thus, The Lazy's Diaries! Hahaha! <---Laugh factor, 3/10.

So, happy memory making guys!

P/S: Aku nih cakap jer lebih, wonder how long I can keep up with this blog.

*Chalow :)