Friday, June 11, 2010

Movie Day: Prince Of Persia

Today, after performing solat Jumaat at a Turkish masjid in the area of Yoyougi, my brothers and I decided to watch a movie. Btw, my brothers' summer vacation started today.

Since I had woken up early today (Yes, this is considered early. I usually wake up at the wee bit end of zuhur), Fazli (youngest) urged us to go watch a movie that we've been speaking about going, but were too lazy to move our arses. I guess it's kinda like a 'now or never' thing, literally.

So off we go, right after sembahyang jumaat. My father drove us there of course.

Where is "there" exactly?

Well, although Faizal (middle) said that the cinema hall at Shibuya wasn't the best since the sits were lined up almost perfectly horizontal, it was the nearest. So, yeah, we watched at Shibuya.

Before I move further on, lemme comment on the cinema here in Japan:

  1. The price for a ticket is 1000yen which translates to approximately rm35. This is considered cheap considering the income these Japs get, but for us? Yerkhhhh..
  2. The cinema people treat us like VIP's here. E.g: Escorting us from entrance up until we reach the cinema hall.
  3. The popcorn sucked. Only got salted popcorn, no choice of butter, caramel or such.
  4. Since we came here on a working day, there were very few people. But, the funny thing is, amongst those few people, were workers on their break and literally bought these movie tickets just so they can sleep in the cinema! Haha, stinkin' funny and wealthy Japs!
  5. Finally, at the end of the movie, they won't let us out until the end of the movie credits! Haha, talk about boring and "I wanna pee lar syiot!". :p

Haha, well, back to the main point.

We chose to see Prince Of Persia.

I actually read the review beforehand. The ratings for this movie showed 'mediocre'.

My first thought before seeing the movie was, "Why did they have to pick Jake Gyllenhaal to be the prince?". I mean, I personally think he wasn't hero material and I predicted that he'd probably crack some kind of sarcastic and mundane jokes throughout the movie.

This wouldn't be to my liking because I wanted the movie to be a serious one with macho'ish heroics and such. I mean, this was one of my favorite games back when i was still playing the PS2 console and Star Trek had already disappointed me with the lack of these criterion. 

Was my prediction right though?

No, it wasnt!

Jake Gyllenhaal was awesome in this movie!

There wasn't any stupid gitty jokes or such, he was actually cool! He actually lacks the ability to crack jokes which is great! And he isn't overweight with scripts that contributes to the 'serious and macho' criteria I wanted!

Bottom line: He actually made it into my list of fav actors! :)

Haha, so what, gave this movie a 6.9/10.

Hmm, I could almost agree, but with my came-to-realise-fav-actor, Jake Gyllenhaal, starring this one, I'd give it a decent 7.3/10.

Plus, because Tamina (Gemma Arterton) is super effin' hotz, I'd give it 7.5! :D

Hey, at least now it's in the 7 and above region ain't it? :)

Hehe, imagine what I'd give if Christian Bale starred this one :)


*Chalow :)

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