Thursday, June 24, 2010


Tomorrow, the 25th of June, marks the day our relationship skips past the 5 year mark.

Wow, 5 years. Although to many, this figure means nothing, but it means a whole lot to me. 

For me, it's a mixture of how long and how fast the time pasts.

For me, it seemed like it was only a few time back when I was shy-shy cat'ly eating our first meal together at Alamanda, determined and concentrating not to make a mistake on a simple task of finishing my meal.

On the other hand, I also feel like we have begun to know each other deeply and detailed. All from our attitudes to our pet peeves. 

Yes, it has been a wonderful 5 years indeed. We have endured so mush haven't we? From our dramas and heartbreaks, to the sparky dates and getaways. 

5 years to me as i see it, means a whole lot. But, it also means nothing as compared to what I see for us in the future.

Happy Anniversary sayang.

I love you then, now and always :)

P/S: Can't wait to get back to Malaysia for our anniversary date :)

*Chalow :)


  1. this is SO SWEETTT!!!

    I L O V E y ou toO...<3<3

    Happy anniversary, looking forward to 5 more! :P
    (insyallah) hehe

    muah hehe

  2. congrate izzat!!doakan aku gak!