Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Silent Cry

What started out as very good a shiny morning, turned out to be a very disastrous day for me. Thus, I am left feeling depressed. I will not be sharing this problem of mine to the public audience because, being the Cancerian that I am, I have this assumption that nobody in this world will understand what I am going through. And being the Izzat Farid that I am, I don't like to go all dramatic and will always attempt to put on a pleasant smile :)

But, with an unrested mind plus all the depressions and the victimization process that I am going through, one small but very thoughtful surprise made my day a tad bit bearable.

My mom sent me gifts. 3 pairs of polo shirts for class, and some boxes of chocolates.

This really touches my heart I tell you! Sungguh mengharukan ;(

One of the 3 shirts she bought for me was from Zara, which I don't know about you guys, but my family don't usually shop at stores like Zara and the likes. But this one day, I told her that I wanted a Zara piece, konon saja-saja nak berlagak kaya. But my family, not a question of mampu ke tak mampu nak beli, just wouldn't spend that much cash just for a shirt.

That is why it really touches me!

I mean, dah lah my mom tak berkerja, she only gets money for pasar from my dad and my dad rarely buys things for her but buys plenty for his children, but she still bought this shirt out of her own pocket! And aku pulak asyik-asyik minta duit jer, menyusahkan mereka! Ini ke patut dilakukan oleh seorang anak? ;(

With, that being said, I just want to let you know, my family jenis yang tak tunjuk emotions. We don't get all soft and mush-mushi. But, what I know is, my mom would be the perfect person for me to open up to about what I am going through right now.

I love you Ibu ;)

Sms to Ibu: "Ibu, thanks sebab belikan baju n chocolates utk abg!"

...yes, thats as emotion-ful as I can get.

*Chalow :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Menyapu Muka or Not?

Ikut kata hati, malas sebenarnya nak buat blog. Tapi ego mengatakan, jangan jadi malas sedangkan aku sendiri tidak suka kepada kemalasan. Jangan jadi 'hangat-hangat tahi ayam' sedangkan aku sendiri megutuk orang yang berbuat demikian!

Jadi, dengan sebab-sebab inilah, aku memaksa diri menulis jua blog ini.

Not only that, tapi aku akan tetapkan commitment, iaitu mewajibkan diri untuk mengarang blog dan publish it on every Friday and Monday(optional).

Well, sebenarnya tak lah wajib, taapi aku akan pastikan aku rase obligated untuk berbuat demikian.

Awat aku ni berbahasa skema pulak? Awat aku ni bunyi macam IniAnwarHadi pulak?

Awat contacts bbm aku sampai sekarang pun cuma ada 12 contacts je ni??

Ok, ni ade cerita sedikit nak habaq kepada hang semua. Hari ini hari Jumaat, jadi bersolat Jumaat lah aku di masjid kawasan rumah aku. Kebetulan hari ni, aku sembahyang bersebelahan Pak Arab ni. So khusyuk-khusyuk punya sembahyang, sesudah memberi salam dan menyapu muka, aku perasan sesuatu perbuatan Pak Arab nih.

Nak tahu apa dia? (kantoi pulak tak khusyuk sebab dok menyaksikan perbuatan orang sebelah)

Anyway, aku perasan Pak Arab ni tidak menyapu mukanya setelah memberi salam. Terus on the spot, aku teringat aku ada terbaca somewhere yang perbuatan tidak menyapu muka sesudah memberi salam adalah perbuatan Nabi Muhammad SAW. Malahan, Baginda tidak menyapu debu dan air yang berada pada dahi Baginda. Tetapi, aku kurang pasti pasal perkara ini.

So, aku googlelahh..

Dan setelah membuat sedikit research, aku dapat tahu yang perbuatan ini adalah hanya mengikut pendapat para ulama sahaja. This is because, sumber yang menyebut tentang perkara ini adalah daripada hadis yang daif (lemah). Because of this, perbuatan ini sama ada sunat disapu ataupun tidak, tidak boleh dikategorikan sebagai Sunah Nabi.

Thus, eventhough amalan ini tidak ditemui dalam mana-mana kitab Mazhab Shafie, Menurut ulama Syafie seperti dinyatakan dalam kitab I’anah al-Talibin walaupun hadis ini daif (lemah), amalan menyapu muka sesudah memberi salam masih digalakkan kerana termasuk dalam kategori fadhail al-‘amal iaitu kelebihan amalan.

Fuhh, penat menaip. Post kali ni dah macam assignment BEL Report Writing pulak.

Hari pun dah nak hujan, tidur pun layan nih.

Kalau tidur, mesti sambil layan lagu ni...

*Chalow :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sorrows and Goodbyes for Eiqakayangan

I woke up this morning, pukul 12 tengahari and it seemed like it was going to be a nice day. Today is Maulidur Rasul, a national holiday. I slept late last night, hence the late awakening. I grabbed my phone and noticed that I've got 2 miscalls from Norziah, and 1 sms from Bogat. Credit aku habis at that time, so I couldn't return Norziah's call. So I read Bogat's msg, which read "Ada mana?".

I didn't thought it was a big deal at that time, and that when I do eventually top up my credits, I'd get back to them and everything's done. So, I lazed around and turn on my laptop. Clicked my twitter homepage, and that is when things come striking me. The first thing that stroke me was Shery's tweet which read...

At this point, aku dah mengeluh! I was so sure that when Ayie told me yesterday, "Esok pukul 8 tau Ijat!", I interpreted it as 8 malam, not 8 pagi!

But wait, maybe Shery was talking about a pre-celebration or something. So, I began reading more tweets. Then I read Lan's tweet.

Dah sah, memang aku guilty! Sikap sambil lewa aku dah membawa padah! Suka hati aku jer main assume that "pukul 8" is 8 malam and not 8 pagi. Now I know why Norziah was calling me for. Plus, Bogat sendiri pun sms aku! Sedangkan its her celebration, tapi dia pulak bertanyakan aku di mana! Arghhh! Memeng tak boleh terima aku ni.

Soon after, aku keluar pegi ke kedai depan rumah, untuk beli top up Maxis RM10. Aku try calling Norziah, tapi she didn't pick up. I figured dia tidur because 8am is not something you'd wake up for and not sleep afterwards.

What about Bogat's sms? Alamak, I still don't know what to say to her now that this has happened.

Sumpah, this is not an excuse, and it is truly an honest but a silly and messed-up mistake from me. What kind of a friend am I!

But enough of my meaningless self-pity.

Bogat, minta maaf sangat-sangat sebab tak attend celebration kau. Trust me, memang aku nak attend. Memang dari semalam pun aku bersemangat nak tengok muka kau kena surprise. Sorry eh? I promise, I'll make it up to you somehow, sooner or later.

Anyway, goodluck in Indonesia! I know ada complications sikit pasal your whole going there thing, tapi don't worry jangan megeluh Bogat. You're a strong person and I know you will come to love it there! Aku ingat lagi masa aku kena masuk Matrikulasi Melaka dulu, mengamuk-ngamuk aku dibuatnya sampai menangis-nangis sebab tak nak pergi. Almost half a year there pun aku rase benci gila dengan matriks. Tapi, lama-lama, entah macam mana, aku jadi suka kat situ. Lastly, aku even rasa zaman matriks aku adalah zaman paling best aku. So believe me, you're gonna have the time of your life there, I'm sure of it ;)

Well, itu jer lar dari aku ye. Sekarang kena fikirkan apa nak cakap kat kau bila aku call kau nanti.

Have fun, goodluck, jaga diri baik-baik, and we will all be waiting here when you get back :)

Bye for now Bogat! We will miss you :)

P/S: Lepas nih, kau kena jadi penyokong bola Garuda lar pulak eh? :p

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lazy Sunday Post

Its a Sunday today. Oh, begitu pantasnya masa berlalu aye? Hari tu UiTM students were given Thursday and Friday off because all the lecturers had to attend a conference. So, basically, we all got a 4-day's off lar kiranya (including Saturday and Sunday)

Tetapi, walau berapa hari cuti they give us pun, mesti rasa masa berlalu terlampau cepat. Ye lah, hari ni dah Sunday, esok dah start classes semula. Time waits for no man people! Although mind you that hari Selasa ni is another holiday, celebrating Maulidur Rasul :)

Anyway, like i said before I began melalut-lalut ni, its a lazy Sunday and I'm at home alone having absolutely nothing to do. Well, that's not true actually, because I should be using this given time untuk mentelaah buku, but...

...I have no answer for the sentence above, thank you.

Ok, some of you mesti terfikir-fikir, what I use when I clean myself in the bathroom.

Ima tell ya! :)

COLGATE TOOTHPASTE - For my teeth, aku guna Colgate. I actually have sensitive teeth and gums, but I refuse to use Sensodyne or any other toothpastes that are meant for sensitive teeth plainly because they have foul tastes. I've used Colgate since forever guess, so I can say I'm a brand loyalist (chit, masuk marketing terms pulak aku nih!) when it comes to toothpastes.

BIORE' FACIAL FOAM - To cleanse my face off oil and other impurities, I prefer Biore' for Men. They've got the much needed (for me at least) scrubing beads in their cleanser that honestly, gives me kepuasan when washing my face. I actually also like cleanser which have cucumber extract in it, but I don't use them now.

SHOKUBUTSU SHOWER FOAM - For my bathing pleasures, I use this showering soap, Shokubutsu. Well, I have to admit, my actually favorite for bahing with is actually Palmolive Sensual (yang warna merah tu). I've said it time and time again, bathing with that soap will exert the 'sensual sense in you' when you bathe. I'm serious here! But alas, That particular soap is just too expensive for my needs thus I opt for the cheaper Shokubutsu. Plus, Shokubutsu produces lots of bubbles using only a small portion of it, hence its also value for your money :)

TRESEMME' SHAMPOO - Yeah, I don't really recommend anyone to use this shampoo because it dries up your hair like hell! It makes your hair quite kusut a bit as well. Why then, am I using it you might ask? I use it for the sheer scent of it. It's actually my favorite kind of scent for a shampoo. That alone retain me to use it.

Well, I guess that's it. That's all the products I use when I visit the bathroom.

I am now officially starving, and will put my jeans on and go out to get some food.

P/S: I've noticed that my followers have stopped following me and I am down to only 4 followers! Well, I guess I can't really blame them because I just wasn't actively blogging enough to retain them.

For those yang sedang membaca blog saya, do follow me as I will be updating more frequently this time aye! Dah, macam peminta sedekah pulak merayu supaya orang follow aku. No, I don't have anything against beggers, so don't judge me.

Also, add me on facebook or twitter!

*Chalow :)

Long Time No See Flickr!

Its been ages since my last upload on flickr! I feel so left out! It was not my intention to neglect the photography world, but its just that I never seem to get any photographic opportunity these days.

Yes, the semester has restarted again. In fact, it has been for a while now. And I don't seem to have time to shoot anymore.

Whenever I do have time, I'd go to shopping malls, the movies and all those other boring/routine Malaysian past-times on weekends. And although people nowadays bring all kinds of DSLR's with them to the mall, I don't think there's anything worth shooting in malls to burden myself with a chunky camera hanging my neck. But hey, this is just one guy's opinion so don't start saying otherwise or anything.

Anyway, another reason as to why I don't carry my camera everywhere nowadays is because the other day, my mum called and told me about this one incident...

“Abang, berjaga-jaga tau dengan camera Abang tu. Ayah pesan jangan dok berlagak-lagak, bawak camera tu merata-rata. Sebab baru-baru ini, kawan Ibu punya anakbawak camera, laptop, lens-lens kononnya nak pergi tangkap-tangkap gambar kat Dang Wangi. Lepas tu, tiba-tiba ada enam orang lelaki approach dia dengan pisau dan pelbagai. Lepas tu, habis semua barang-barang dia kena samun.”

After hearing about this incident through my mum, straight away aku pun rasa takut nak bawak camera merata-rata.

That is why I seldom take pictures nowadays. I love doing street photography and shooting people in their natural settings but, that would require me to bring my camera into the public and I just feel it’s too risky. Thus, I am stuck with boring shopping malls, etc.

Oh well, I suppose not shooting at all is worst aye?

Ah sudah, aku dah merepek-repek dah nih. Apa sebenarnya yang aku nak sampaikan dalam post kali ini pun aku dah lupa??

Haishhhh, anywayyyy...

I’m waiting for any upcoming events where I can start shooting people candidly again. In the meantime, have a visit to my flickr page here. This is my recent upload, a photo of Mrs. Izzat Farid, at yet again, one of the many SHOPPING MALLS.
le petite amie'

*Chalow :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kembali Semula, Kekal Sementara

Hadoyai, kebelakangan ini aku tengok ramai pulak classmates aku mempunyai blog ek. And then tetiba aku pulak jadi rajin nak membaca blog-blog ni. Sebelum ini aku tak berapa kisah pun nak baca2 blog ni. Jangan terkejut, aku baru jer last week kenal siapa itu Hanis Zalikha, Fatin Liyana dan sebagainya. Seronok juga baca blog diorang, and I especially like Hanis Zalikha's blog.

Ok ok, aku mengaku, aku suka dia pun sebab dia H.O.T! Heck, selepas tengok Lagenda Budak Setan the series, aku rase Melissa Maureen pun hot! Tapi slack, dah tua and dah kahwin lar pulak.

Jap, apa kebende aku merepek nih. Haishh, dah mula lari tajuk. That's the thing lar when aku blog nih, aku mudah stray dari tajuk. Masa starting menulis sesuatu post tu, ada just 1 idea in mind. And then, sambil menulis, mula lar fikiran melayang, pastu mula lar nak insert-insert idea yang kononnya relevant, tapi hakikatnya tak pun!

'Menulis'? Its should be 'typing' lar! Atau dalam Bahasa Malaysia, 'taiping'. Eh jap, tu dah nama tempat! Taiping, Perak!

Jap, Bahasa Malaysia? Eh, bukan sebelum nih aku selalunya blog dalam Bahasa Inggeris ke? Or 'English'? Wadda??

...see what I mean about fikiran melayang?

Well, anyway, back to the point. Setelah melihat blog rakan-rakan sekelasku(yes, aku dah baca blog-blog korang), and baca blog-blog popular di Malaysia nih, aku rasa semangat kembali nak menulis/menaip blog nih. So typical of me lar tu, semangat kejap datang, kejap pergi. Semangat datang ikut situasi, trend dan pengaruh rakan sebaya.

*Chalow :)