Thursday, June 10, 2010

Of friends Through The Days

Today, after a few wall posts and comments from my friends on Facebook, I've come to realize that I have got a handful group of friends, good ones, that I've befriend throughout my days. 

And I am very grateful of that! :)

I've always considered myself a neutral, meaning I befriend almost everybody tanpa memilih puak atau be a loyalist in only a single gang. I'd like to get along with everybody and be someone who people get along with and like. I guess that can be considered as one of my goals in life.

Be the person that everyone likes.

Huhu, but sadly of late, I don't feel that I have real close friends anymore since enrolling in UiTM. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying people here are jerks or such. All my friends here are very kind and polite, so don't worry, I'm not blacklisting you guys or whatever :)

But, ntah, I dunno. Of late, I miss my friends from the past. Like today, after a view chats with my friends from matriculation, I suddenly got this nostalgic feeling and miss them awfully. 

Farah Adeelia said, "aku pon tgk kau cam tak gilaa cam dulu. cam biase je kt uitm tu. tak happening cam dulu".

What she said is absolutely true. I don't feel the semangat here in UiTM. I don't feel like hanging and being gila-gila.

Bottom line; I don't really feel happy here as I was in matriculation or at school.

With that being said, I'd like to clarify again that I have no intention to blame or condemn my new friends here in UiTM. It's not that you guys haven't been awesome to me, but ntah, I don't feel it.

I remember when I got accepted into matric and nowhere else, I was devastated. I begged and plead my parents not to enroll me into matric and I've been counting the days until I can finally get into a university. 

Sadly, university isn't what I hoped it'd be like. Thus, the enthusiasm stopped there and then.

I guess now I can relate to my father's words. He always said that the university life wasn't fun for him. Instead, it was the school and form 6 days that sweetened his life. 

I've also asked some of my friends' opinions on this, but they don't relate to me, having said that they are having the time of their lives in university.

Well, I guess everyone's got their own thoughts and wants.

Speaking about 'time of our lives', I fear that my time of my life is behind me. But, nahhh, I shouldn't be so dramatic. InsyaAllah, I still have many years to come to have the time of my life.

So c'mon mate! Lighten up! If the good days won't come to me, then it's up to me to create 'em! :)

Nonetheless, I present you with the geng's of my days :)


Classmates of UiTM, Bachelor of International Business '12 :)

The so-called Cullens back in the matric days :)

The gila-gila's of budak blok C1 aras 2 wing B :)

The gang from SMK Putrajaya 2. The "Selekeh Tapi Smarts" :)

And of course, I am obligated to include my sayang also. Now, the sunny side of the whole "I'm not having fun at Uni" thing is, that I get to spend more time with my gf.

Thus, converting her from one of my best friends into my BESTEST friend. :)

Meatballs at IKEA :)

Now to get back to clicking 'refresh' in the UiTM student portal so that I can finally check my semester 2 exam's result. Wish me luck, I'll need it ;)

*Chalow :)


  1. rindukan kat matrik..aku da xder kwn yg boleh diajak stady same2..:(

  2. bukan nak ckp pe, tp sejak2 masuk u byak jumpe org jenis "plastik".
    tp x sme cam tu