Saturday, June 26, 2010

Holidays End In Such Prompt Manner

The days past so quickly. I can't believe it's been almost 2 months already. 

I mean, I literally feel that it was only a few days ago I pen my last semester 2 exam paper. I literally feel that it was only yesterday that I board the plane to mark the start of my visit to Japan.

Now, all that past in a flash! Even quicker perhaps!

Tomorrow, I'll be boarding the plane again, but the other way around! What was from 'a semester full of assignment' heading towards 'a relaxing retreat' is now the other way around!

I am dreading the thought of going back to school! I wanna stay at home and do nothing all day! :'(


But, I guess not all is dreadful.

The better side of things is that I get to eat at McD's which I have to refrain from enjoying due to no logo halals here. I get to hang out with friends doing shisha's, futsals and left 4 dead's.

And, the most of what I am looking forward to is that I get to see my beloved girlfriend who I crave for all the while I am in Japan :)

la petite amie ;)

So yeah, holidays are what people look forward to in efforts to get away from their hectic routines. But, I guess nothing in life is so laid back. You get your fair share of rest and relaxation, then you get back to your daily mundane routine.

If life was too sweet, you'd get kencing manis!

So 3rd semester, put your socks on! :D

P/S: I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to my beloved family for their heart-warming welcome and hospitality during my visit of them. I love you all and will miss you :)

Family portrait at Universal Studio Japan 

*Chalow :)


  1. best lah izzatpergi japang ! haha :))

    P/s : haha. aku senyum bila tengok dua orang yang megapit kau di tepi belog ni ! haha :)))

  2. hahaha, ibarat aku belajar di luar negara plak en? :p