Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Silent Cry

What started out as very good a shiny morning, turned out to be a very disastrous day for me. Thus, I am left feeling depressed. I will not be sharing this problem of mine to the public audience because, being the Cancerian that I am, I have this assumption that nobody in this world will understand what I am going through. And being the Izzat Farid that I am, I don't like to go all dramatic and will always attempt to put on a pleasant smile :)

But, with an unrested mind plus all the depressions and the victimization process that I am going through, one small but very thoughtful surprise made my day a tad bit bearable.

My mom sent me gifts. 3 pairs of polo shirts for class, and some boxes of chocolates.

This really touches my heart I tell you! Sungguh mengharukan ;(

One of the 3 shirts she bought for me was from Zara, which I don't know about you guys, but my family don't usually shop at stores like Zara and the likes. But this one day, I told her that I wanted a Zara piece, konon saja-saja nak berlagak kaya. But my family, not a question of mampu ke tak mampu nak beli, just wouldn't spend that much cash just for a shirt.

That is why it really touches me!

I mean, dah lah my mom tak berkerja, she only gets money for pasar from my dad and my dad rarely buys things for her but buys plenty for his children, but she still bought this shirt out of her own pocket! And aku pulak asyik-asyik minta duit jer, menyusahkan mereka! Ini ke patut dilakukan oleh seorang anak? ;(

With, that being said, I just want to let you know, my family jenis yang tak tunjuk emotions. We don't get all soft and mush-mushi. But, what I know is, my mom would be the perfect person for me to open up to about what I am going through right now.

I love you Ibu ;)

Sms to Ibu: "Ibu, thanks sebab belikan baju n chocolates utk abg!"

...yes, thats as emotion-ful as I can get.

*Chalow :)


  1. hey,that choc from japan???patut sedap gila!!tp aku dapat satu je.ada lagi??haha.sweet ibu kau.

  2. Haha, tu lar! dri japan tu! aku bg kt org2 special jer tau! :p