Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lazy Sunday Post

Its a Sunday today. Oh, begitu pantasnya masa berlalu aye? Hari tu UiTM students were given Thursday and Friday off because all the lecturers had to attend a conference. So, basically, we all got a 4-day's off lar kiranya (including Saturday and Sunday)

Tetapi, walau berapa hari cuti they give us pun, mesti rasa masa berlalu terlampau cepat. Ye lah, hari ni dah Sunday, esok dah start classes semula. Time waits for no man people! Although mind you that hari Selasa ni is another holiday, celebrating Maulidur Rasul :)

Anyway, like i said before I began melalut-lalut ni, its a lazy Sunday and I'm at home alone having absolutely nothing to do. Well, that's not true actually, because I should be using this given time untuk mentelaah buku, but...

...I have no answer for the sentence above, thank you.

Ok, some of you mesti terfikir-fikir, what I use when I clean myself in the bathroom.

Ima tell ya! :)

COLGATE TOOTHPASTE - For my teeth, aku guna Colgate. I actually have sensitive teeth and gums, but I refuse to use Sensodyne or any other toothpastes that are meant for sensitive teeth plainly because they have foul tastes. I've used Colgate since forever guess, so I can say I'm a brand loyalist (chit, masuk marketing terms pulak aku nih!) when it comes to toothpastes.

BIORE' FACIAL FOAM - To cleanse my face off oil and other impurities, I prefer Biore' for Men. They've got the much needed (for me at least) scrubing beads in their cleanser that honestly, gives me kepuasan when washing my face. I actually also like cleanser which have cucumber extract in it, but I don't use them now.

SHOKUBUTSU SHOWER FOAM - For my bathing pleasures, I use this showering soap, Shokubutsu. Well, I have to admit, my actually favorite for bahing with is actually Palmolive Sensual (yang warna merah tu). I've said it time and time again, bathing with that soap will exert the 'sensual sense in you' when you bathe. I'm serious here! But alas, That particular soap is just too expensive for my needs thus I opt for the cheaper Shokubutsu. Plus, Shokubutsu produces lots of bubbles using only a small portion of it, hence its also value for your money :)

TRESEMME' SHAMPOO - Yeah, I don't really recommend anyone to use this shampoo because it dries up your hair like hell! It makes your hair quite kusut a bit as well. Why then, am I using it you might ask? I use it for the sheer scent of it. It's actually my favorite kind of scent for a shampoo. That alone retain me to use it.

Well, I guess that's it. That's all the products I use when I visit the bathroom.

I am now officially starving, and will put my jeans on and go out to get some food.

P/S: I've noticed that my followers have stopped following me and I am down to only 4 followers! Well, I guess I can't really blame them because I just wasn't actively blogging enough to retain them.

For those yang sedang membaca blog saya, do follow me as I will be updating more frequently this time aye! Dah, macam peminta sedekah pulak merayu supaya orang follow aku. No, I don't have anything against beggers, so don't judge me.

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*Chalow :)