Saturday, February 12, 2011

Long Time No See Flickr!

Its been ages since my last upload on flickr! I feel so left out! It was not my intention to neglect the photography world, but its just that I never seem to get any photographic opportunity these days.

Yes, the semester has restarted again. In fact, it has been for a while now. And I don't seem to have time to shoot anymore.

Whenever I do have time, I'd go to shopping malls, the movies and all those other boring/routine Malaysian past-times on weekends. And although people nowadays bring all kinds of DSLR's with them to the mall, I don't think there's anything worth shooting in malls to burden myself with a chunky camera hanging my neck. But hey, this is just one guy's opinion so don't start saying otherwise or anything.

Anyway, another reason as to why I don't carry my camera everywhere nowadays is because the other day, my mum called and told me about this one incident...

“Abang, berjaga-jaga tau dengan camera Abang tu. Ayah pesan jangan dok berlagak-lagak, bawak camera tu merata-rata. Sebab baru-baru ini, kawan Ibu punya anakbawak camera, laptop, lens-lens kononnya nak pergi tangkap-tangkap gambar kat Dang Wangi. Lepas tu, tiba-tiba ada enam orang lelaki approach dia dengan pisau dan pelbagai. Lepas tu, habis semua barang-barang dia kena samun.”

After hearing about this incident through my mum, straight away aku pun rasa takut nak bawak camera merata-rata.

That is why I seldom take pictures nowadays. I love doing street photography and shooting people in their natural settings but, that would require me to bring my camera into the public and I just feel it’s too risky. Thus, I am stuck with boring shopping malls, etc.

Oh well, I suppose not shooting at all is worst aye?

Ah sudah, aku dah merepek-repek dah nih. Apa sebenarnya yang aku nak sampaikan dalam post kali ini pun aku dah lupa??

Haishhhh, anywayyyy...

I’m waiting for any upcoming events where I can start shooting people candidly again. In the meantime, have a visit to my flickr page here. This is my recent upload, a photo of Mrs. Izzat Farid, at yet again, one of the many SHOPPING MALLS.
le petite amie'

*Chalow :)

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